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          Why Use AppKit?

          Appkit uses modern front-end technologies and is packed with useful components and widgets to speed up your app development


          UX-Centered Design

          Bespoke UX/UI design to enhance your app's user experience. Let AppKit take care of the design so you can develop without design resources.

          Supercharge App Development

          AppKit provides developers with a ready-made front-end solution so you can concentrate on making your app鈥檚 back-end robust and awesome. It empowers small teams to create big things.

          Mobile First

          Built on the popular Bootstrap framework, so the design is 鈥淢obile First鈥?and fully responsive. For a startup, building an HTML5 webapp which also works across mobile devices is the most cost-effective way to get your product off the ground.

          Many Happy Customers


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          @RyanW, Paris

          Discover Features

          AppKit comes with an AngularJS version, 4 colour schemes and 100+ components

          Our Team

          See who are behind AppKit

          AppKit is created by Xiaoying Riley and Tomasz Najdek. Xiaoying and Tom got to know each other while working as freelancers on Google projects and became good friends. They firmly believe with the right resource, solopreneurs and small teams can execute beautiful products too. Thus they made AppKit to help developers and startups make outstanding products - the internet has made it possible for the "small guys" to compete directly with the "big guys".

          Xiaoying Riley

          Xiaoying Riley

          Full-Stack Designer

          Xiaoying is the UX/UI designer behind AppKit. She loves designing and making Bootstrap themes/templates for developers and startups. You can find her sharing useful UX and webdev related content on. Follow her if you like what she does!

          Tom Najdek

          Tomasz Najdek

          Full-Stack Developer

          Tom takes care of everything on the programming end making the interface rich and flexible. He is a full-stack developer specialising in building large, scalable and user-friendly web apps. Follow him on for useful open-source tools.


          AppKit's future updates are 100% FREE for existing customers

          Single Application


          Restricted to a single installation...

          License Details
          Buy Now

          Multiple Applications


          May extend to multiple installations...

          License Details
          Buy Now



          May license, sublicense, redistribute, or resell the item...

          License Details
          Buy Now

          Contact Us

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          Get in Touch
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